True Professional

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Damle, but I’ll try. He’s fantastic! I received an unfortunate cancer diagnosis and was referred by MNGI to him post-colonoscopy. Obviously, the initial diagnosis was devastating and psychologically overwhelming, the fear of the unknown as a patient. I received a personal appointment call from his patient coordinator Sarah, who was also very competent. From an initial patient’s perspective with cancer shellshock, Dr. Damle’s approach was calming yet professional. He explained everything I was up against anatomically with great detail in layman’s terms that one not in the medical field would understand, including a diagram of the intestinal tract on a piece of paper that he marked with every issue in my guts with specificity. A caveat Dr. Damle strikes me as a true professional that is damn good at his craft, yet still understands the human element and is a good man.

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