Whether taking care of a preventive screening or following up on concerning symptoms, our diligent approach to colonoscopies ensures a careful examination that reveals details that an at-home test might not reveal.


Expertise to Ensure Careful Screening

What to Expect

  • You will take an oral preparation to cleanse the bowel the day before the procedure
  • A procedure that lasts approximately an hour will include a colonoscope inserted into the rectum
  • Your doctor will diagnose colon and rectal problems, perform biopsies, and remove polyps

Our Patient Stats

Our unique combination of world-class research, training and patient experience means the best possible care for every individual who comes to us.

  • 100% physician compliance with national adenoma detection rate guidelines
  • Outperform national benchmark measures achieving colonoscopy cecum completion rates of 99%
  • Perform more than 5,300 colonoscopies per year


Schedule Your Colonoscopy

We offer safe, efficient colonoscopies at several convenient locations. Call the office nearest you to schedule your procedure