Ensuring Constant
Improvement in Our Field

It’s what inspires every surgeon in our practice: the chance to be a part of creating a better future for all patients. So we commit to ongoing research to advance our specialty, as well as remain deeply involved in the development of the next generation of surgeons.


Proud to Be a Part of a World-Renowned Program

We provide the oldest and one of the most highly regarded and highly selective fellowship programs in the world, partnering with the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery, University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Colon and Rectal Foundation.

We receive over a hundred applicants from around the globe every year for five positions, giving these talented surgeons the opportunity to train in the specialty of colon and rectal surgery.

All of our partners in practice are also physicians at the University of Minnesota, making us one of the few groups that include both private practice and university appointments.

The Cornerstone of Our Practice is Research

Our surgeons are at the forefront of medicine, regularly conducting studies across our specialty. In addition to being widely published in our field, we participate in many scientific colon and rectal surgical meetings, as well as serve as speakers and leaders at national and international medical conferences, societies and foundations.

Every year since 1938, Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates and the University of Minnesota co-sponsor an annual continuing education course for surgeons that attracts hundreds of professionals from around the world.


Research and Clinical Fellows

Current Fellows

  • Dr. Shreya Gupta
  • Dr. Aos Karim
  • Dr. Charles Liu
  • Dr. Claire Sokas
  • Dr. Catherine Zhu