High-Resolution Anoscopy

The most important step in this procedure is the conversation we have before. That's because our clinical specialists understand that an anoscopy is a particularly uncomfortable topic, yet also want our patients to know the importance of this procedure in diagnosis and follow-up care.

Earning Your Trust

We make sure our patients know what to expect from a high-resolution anoscopy, as well as reserve time for additional questions afterwards. By conducting the procedure in our clinics, the experience is made to be as comfortable and possible as possible.

What to Expect

  • Using a small thin round tube called an anoscope, the anal canal is examined with a high resolution magnifying instrument called a colposcope
  • No bowel prep is needed for this examination
  • The procedure is performed in the office and generally lasts about 15 minutes

Our Patient Stats

Our unique combination of world-class research, training and patient experience means the best possible care for every individual who comes to us.

  • Perform over 100 procedures each year


Schedule Your High-Resolution Anoscopy

We offer safe, efficient high-resolution anoscopies at our St. Paul clinic. Call 651-312-1620 to schedule your procedure.